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You can reach to our products with free registration.


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- Returning users open the account by type in their e-mail address or ID on the top box and password on the lower box. You are ready to reach the products.


- New Users must set a new account by clicking " register here " on the bottom of Log In page.

Please fill the * area and bold letter area. You will need to provide your resale permit number.

( If the information you provided is improper you will be rejected to register. )

  The message box will pop up and say "You will have approval within 3~5 business days."

And you will get welcome e-mail from salesupport@ShanilFashion.com.


 Our site manager will look up your information and decide to whether give site Reading Permission.


Purchasing Product


1. Detail View


* The menu on the left side of the front page will lead you to "Product Category". The purchasing process begins when you click one of the products display at the front page.

* Each detailed images have zoom image or back image which enables on the bottom of page.

* Each right upper corner of the image has box include product explanation, price, return to existing category function.

* Minimum order means whole quantity of that product with all sizes. For example, minimum order is 1, you should order  minium 1different color with all sizes (  Help )

 When you to want change your order to edit or delete at Shopping Cart, minimum order is still apply.

So if your order is less than minimum order you cannot proceed.


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2. Add to Cart                                                 


* After selection of products, click "Add to Cart" to proceed to "shopping cart".

* You are able to check the information what you ordered and change quantity of your order saved at Cart.

Click the "back button" or menu on the left side to add more products.


3. Check Out & Order Email


* Check out step 1.  Can check and change the price, quantity, and option of the product you want to buy and your billing information. If you missed some information when you registered just edit or write. Also, You can write your billing address if it is different from your delivery address.

* Check out step 2. Recheck the information you provided at step 1.  Select the method of shipping and payment. Please correct credit card account number. If you cannot find your desired method check the "other" and write the one on "comments". We discussed with seller members about shipping charge and payment.

* Check out step 3. By clicking confirm the order" your order will be e-mail to seller and retailer member. "Click here" will show you the invoice or enable you to print the page.

* Seller member will contact the retailer member by e -mail or telephone after review the order.


Review Your Account


* User can review  his/her own process like order history at store front by clicking "view orders" on "My Account".

* Editing the information is able at "Review your detail" on "My Account".

* "Log out" is left bottom of menu and " My Account",




* If you have any concerns or questions about our site e-mail your questions by clicking "Feed Back" on the top menu .


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